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We help develop, (re)structure, and improve the performance of your business.


Thank you for visiting Perform’s site. A few words about our business services company written by who joined it as an associate thirteen years ago, two years after its foundation.

Perform's legacy was built in time by scores of people and hundreds of projects: initially focused in information technology, business process and strategy consulting, then in restructuring of small medium size enterprises. Six years ago, we started to provide outsourced services, executing operations on behalf of medium-large enterprise clients.

Our history shows that our clients' benefits ranges from a minimum improvement of 5% in net operating cash margin, to stop loss reaching 32% EBITDA in the P&L of their business entrusted to Perform. Yet, we take greater pleasure seeing the side benefit—our clients’ merit alone—of significant increase in their enterprise stamina and sustainability.

We are a lean, Brazil-headquartered company, with well educated, hardworking and talented professionals. Perform's work is a result of our associates’ talents and happy lives. We enjoy what we do and we esteem committed and honest clients, with whom we work.

Whichever your beach, enjoy it. Drop us a line and we'll be honored to be part of your business, your life.

See you soon.

Eduardo Lemos [mini-bio em inglês abre em janela sobreposta]
managing partner

Managing partner Eduardo and wife Anna Marzia


The soul of our firm is the restructuring of operations and organizations to improve market approach, productivity and net returns. We work on this with managing shareholders and Board directors.

We’re focused in 5 areas:

Performance to optimize enterprise effectiveness

Projects to implement the business plan

Collection to cash-in receivables

Estate to yield real-estate assets

Markets to consolidate business abroad

Company profile

15 years, 200+ clients, 35+ industry sectors, 100+ professionals.

Performance and integrity.

works in countries and clients speaking English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.

Managing partner:
Eduardo Lemos.

Testimonials from client

Perform in Melbourne, Australia (pictured Port Campbell)


From funding, to operational use of proceeds and financial returns, we help optimize business value and performance as consultants, executive or non-executive directors:

Perform in Luanda, Angola (pictured Mussulo)


Perform implements business plans to completion through program management through integrated management of multiple projects in multiple business areas and units. Serving as executive liaison throughout corporate areas, levels, and partners, we engage in resource planning and costing, activity and performance management until the desired outcomes are reached. We assist you:

Perform in Lisbon, Portugal (pictured Cascais)


Perform has generated cash value to its clients through the collection of business-to-business (B2B) receivables. The negotiation expertise of our experienced team and information system tool foment renovated client relationship and market opportunities from your credit portfolio. What we do:

Perform in Los Angeles, USA (pictured Santa Monica)


Perform supervises administration, finances and operations for sound management and returns on investment of real estate assets. We oversee commercial use of estate, contracts management, planning and control of estate portfolio returns as well as suppliers, their goods and services. What we do:

Perform in Salerno, Italy


Perform is your trusted hand to take right business decisions, execute them well and obtain enduring returns in foreign countries. We help you:

Perform in Malmo, Sweden


Excerpts from feedbacks received. We will be happy to share the identity of our clients upon their consent on a case-by-case basis.

"We praise Perform’s work now in our fifth year of relationship with this entrusted partner for collection services."

~ Financial Operations Manager of medical equipment multinational.

"We had good results especially because of the dedication and commitment of Perform which was essential to help us with daily management and sustainability of the organization. I thank the attention and support I received from Perform team."

~ Managing Director of agribusiness client

"Perform manager brought a broader market positioning through strong networking, let alone the great contribution of integrating with a strategic partner."

~ Production Manager of IT company

"Perform gave a new life to our organization and I am thankful for Perform’s great competence. It brought a new perspective to our company which was going downhill. I can only say thank you Perform for everything, God bless you all in Perform."

~ President of woodworks manufacturer

"On this day, after the acquisition of our group, and in which Perform's executive leaves the position of CEO of our subsidiary in Brazil, I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledge his contribution. His distinctive professionalism and efficiency recovered our credibility with key clients in Brazil and improved our operations and productivity there. His leadership and effort granted business continuity, with lean costs and motivated staff. He will continue assisting us in the transition phase as our Brazilian operations are incorporated in the new organizational structure."

~ CEO of European IT group

"As investor and chairman of the board of the company that hired Perform, I affirm the integrity and professionalism of this company working in our invested company. Perform generated value renegotiating contracts, aggressively controlling inventory, cash, internal processes and organization."

~ Chairman of Investment fund

"Perform provided to us fully according to pre-set goals of optimizing and unifying business processes, orienting change management with training and dissemination of new business processes and performance metrics culture focused on business processes, productivity, quality, and cost control."

~ CEO of FMCG client

"I leave statement of professional and ethical proficiency of Perform. I am personally acquainted to two of its partners one of whom took over as interim CEO in a company invested by our private equity fund."

~ Private Equity General Manager for an investment bank

"Perform helped us to deal with a very difficult situation relating to an acquisition. As a UK headquartered Group with no local presence in Brazil, we found their experience of the local situation invaluable. They provided us with very professional and practical advice which brought the situation to a successful conclusion."

~ CFO of industrial services multinational

"We hired Perform to design and execute a supplier sourcing and qualification process to manufacture specialized parts for our operations in Brazil. This was part of our local content strategy and was brilliantly executed. Perform management quickly understood our needs and its engineers not only found suppliers but translated our manufacturing processes and specifications into their capabilities sets, creating us a multi-supplier process that met our business goals."

~ Senior manager of an oil & gas multinational

"Perform's help has been precious in recovering credits and optimizing process in these last two years"

~ Finance Manager for global medical device company.

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Executive and non-executive director and consultant. Held residency in 7 countries, worked in 20, in several industries and management roles. Initiated career in Schlumberger, Citibank and Accenture specializing in business processes and restructuring. Led enterprises and projects in Brazil, United States, Europe, Africa and Middle East. CEO in the IT, Oil and Consumer Products industries in situations of insolvency/turnaround and of restructuring and expansion in new products/markets. Founding president of the Turnaround Management Association in Brazil. Co-author and organizer of 5 books, several articles, speaker, and instructor on business strategy and management Rivivere and Bologna Business School MBA programme. Mechanical Aeronautical Engineer from Brazil’s Technological Institute of Aeronautics. Sloan Fellowship Master in Management (MSc), London Business School.